Friday, October 10, 2008

Abstinence only increases abortion rates

Abstinence only increases abortion rates. This is a simple one:
  1. Sex drive is natural
  2. Many do not have the control to withstand nature
  3. So, they have sex before marriage anyway (who wants to wait till being 27 or so before having sex?)
  4. When they have sex anyway, they have no clue about avoiding pregnancies, because the ONLY line of defence against it, abstinence, just faltered
  5. result, the baby is coming.......
And it explains in part, why of the western countries, teenage pregnancy rates are so substantially larger in the US than in other countries. In the Netherlands, where sex-education is part of high school education, teenage pregnacy rates are around 6.2, while in the us, it is a nine-fold higher at 52.1.......

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