Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin and the Failure of Abstinence Only Programs

LOL, when I heard that the teenage daughter of the vice-presidential candidate Palin was pregnant out of wedlock, it could not be a better example of the failure of 'Abstinence Only Programs'. So, here we have the woman that is the conservative face of the republican ticket who is going to defend 'Abstinence only Programs' as an effective way to prevent teen-pregnancies. Well, that worked perfect with her own daughter. To me, this is roughly the same as an anti-gay republican found in bed with another guy! Anyway how, you can guess how I would vote if I was allowed to in this country.........

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Brainwise said...

Ah, politics. Hypocrisy abounds. I suppose one could urge people to vote for the less hypocritical of two political figureheads (rather than the old lever-pulling gambit of selecting the lesser of two evils).

The biggest hallmark of political positions in this nation (and maybe others, I'm not sure), is that the truly qualified and fit to run are never interested. And that chasm increases in direct proportion to the position: The more important the position, the further away any great candidate will be.