Thursday, November 12, 2009

Does Ray Comfort genuinly not understand evolution?

Ray Comfort, an easy target for anti-creationists because of his incredible obvious ignorance when it comes down to understanding evolution, has apologized for not knowing where he talks about:
I sincerely apologize for misrepresenting what Darwinian evolution says about the origin of males and females.
And he then cointinues to state that he:
I have checked out the references you have given me as to what the theory has to say about their genesis, read them again and again, and I still don’t understand what you believe.
Well, we (evolutionary biologists) could help out here. But the problem is not the evolution of the sexes, it is:
It doesn’t make sense to me because I can’t reconcile what I see in creation with what you would have me believe about evolution.
I give him that. Yes, it is impossible to reconcile evolution with a literal interpretation of the bible. And this is also why nobody until now has been able to talk sense into him. And further, nobody will, until he is willing to look at evolution as a process by itself and see what it explains. And he knows already, you can read that between the lines of his own posts, that once he tries that, he will see the power and beauty of evolution and it will become even more difficult to reconcile with his religious perspective.

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